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frequently asked questions


Got a question? See if I’ve answered it below. Otherwise, send me an email to hello@hellomagic.io.

+ Hey Sinead, how do I pronounce your name?

Ah, my life's most frequently asked question 😅. It is pronounced “shi-NAYD”. Here's a YouTube clip of someone saying it.

+ Where are you based?

I am a New Zealander but my home is on the Mornington Peninsula (near Melbourne, Australia). However, I am currently living a location-independent lifestyle. I work with people all over the world thanks to the magic of the Internet.

+ Do you do tasks other than the ones listed on your skillset page?

I do! I don’t do absolutely anything and everything though. If there’s something you’d like help with that I haven’t already mentioned, add it to your enquiry form or send me an email.

+ Do you offer project-based packages?

If you are interested in a custom Squarespace website design, you can learn about my packages here.

For other large projects, such as a course launch, I am happy to discuss a more suitable package that doesn't charge by the hour. But you'd need to chat me up real nice 😉. Send an email to hello@hellomagic.io or book a consultation call here to get the ball rolling.

+ Do you outsource any work?

If you ask me to do something that I discover requires specialized skills, like complex code or hand illustration, I might find someone to help me out. If it's really outside of my skillset, I'll let you know.

+ How do I give you tasks each month?

I rely mostly on Google Drive, a shared Google Doc and email. From time to time, we might schedule a video call (Skype, Zoom or Facebook Facetime). If you like to manage tasks a different way (e.g. Slack, Asana, etc.), I'm happy to work with your systems!

+ How do I know how many hours to purchase?

Before you choose a monthly package, I will complete five hours of work which you’ll purchase as a “Starter Pack”. This will give both you and I lots of information about each other and how we work. I’ll make a recommendation regarding which package is best suited to your business based on the kinds of tasks you’d like me to do. You can request extra hours toward the end of the month* at the same hourly rate as your monthly package.

*subject to my availability!

+ What happens if I don’t use up all of my hours? Can I carry them over to the next month?

All hours expire on the last day of the calendar month. I encourage you to divide up the hours into the number of weeks so we can be sure to use them all up!

+ Are there any restrictions on when and how I can use my hours?

You are free to use up your hours whenever you like throughout the month. However, I do ask that you use at least 60% of your hours before the last week of the month to ensure I can service all of my clients fairly.

+ How do payments work?

Hours are paid for in advance. To request hours for the following month, simply send me an email detailing which package you’d like to purchase. I will then send you an invoice. Payments must be processed before my work can commence.

+ What time zone are you in? What happens if we’re in different time zones?

Due to my location-independent lifestyle, my time zone changes every few months. I’ve become pretty great at finding times that work for both myself and my clients, even if they’re on the other side of the world. I use WorldTimeBuddy.com to track time differences and I do my best to be flexible and available when my clients need me.

+ How do I hire you?

Head on over to my contact page to read the full process.

+ How can I contact you without booking a consultation call?

You can find me on Facebook or Instagram, email me at hello@hellomagic.io or complete my contact form here.

+ Can I hire you by the hour rather than purchasing a monthly package?

This depends on my availability for the month. Please send me an email to find out if I’m available. Please also be sure to detail the task/s you’d like me to complete. My email address is hello@hellomagic.io.


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